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6 Easy Ways To Boost Your Website Traffic

6 Easy Ways To Boost Your Website Traffic

You may well have heard of a thing called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). In a nutshell, SEO is where you slowly modify the content of your website over time to match a certain search term in Google. It’s raved about by a lot of people and has even spawned its own industry worth over half a million pounds.

However, were not going to talk any more about SEO. Effective SEO campaigns require a lot of time and data collection, and this often isn’t feasible for small businesses just starting out. Instead, I’m going to let you know about methods that will quickly boost your website traffic with little effort on your part.


5 easy ways to boost your website traffic.


1. Create an unmissable product.

No matter what your industry, you should always strive to offer a product or service that nobody else does. You need to create something beneficial, unique, and worth talking about. Having an unmissable product will not only make your business offer stronger, but people will enjoy it so much they’ll start talking about it, and visiting your website to see it.


2. Write a helpful blog.

Imagine this: you’re looking to buy a washing machine, and find two suppliers offering a washing machine for the same price. The website of the first supplier says they sell washing machines. The website of the second supplier says they sell washing machines, but it also tells you how to be energy-efficient with your washing machine, which temperature you should wash your clothes on, the five best cleaning powders on the market, and so on.

Who are you going to buy from?

Giving out free advice is an excellent way to strike a relationship with a potential customer before they are even ready to buy. You help them out, they appreciate it, and they don’t feel like they’ve been sold to.


3. Post on social media.

Just written a helpful blog you want to promote? Discovered something interesting in your industry that’s worth shouting about? Social media allows you to reach thousands of people every day without leaving your office and is an extremely powerful tool, when used correctly. After every post, tweet or share, be sure to include a relevant link back to your website, because curious readers will click it.


4. Make a Google My Business page.

What’s the best way to be noticed by Google? Tell Google you exist. Creating a Google My Business page for your business is an excellent way to easily boost your presence in Google searches. It will make important information like your contact telephone number, website and opening hours available immediately in the search results pages. Go to Google My Business it takes five minutes.


5. Tell people about it.

When you’re next out networking, mention your website! Perhaps you’re running a cool promotion, or have a piece of advice that’s particularly helpful for the person you’re talking to. You don’t have to sell to anybody — rather, they’re more likely to appreciate the advice you’re giving them out of the kindness of your heart*. Telling them how amazing your website is might make them feel like they’re missing out on something special, so the first thing they’ll do when they get back to the office is check out your website and read all about you.

*Of course, you have ulterior motives, but they don’t need to know that.


6. Mobile Friendly & Https

Google has included mobile friendliness and https as parts of search engine ranking factors. Nearly everyone is on mobile nowadays. Having a mobile friendly site is not a choice anymore, it is essential. Google will reward your mobile friendly site with a higher ranking. Your visitors will also less likely to bounce away, thus increases engagement level and conversion rate. Google has encouraged websites to opt for https for security purpose. It will not only secure your site, but also boost your SEO as well.


Your next steps.

You may have noticed that the core theme here is to have an awesome website to begin with, because in order to drive traffic back to your website, you first need to have a website worth driving traffic to. Not many businesses give out free advice on their website, so this is an excellent place to start. Once you’ve written one or two helpful articles, promote them on social media and revel in the positive response. Then, make a Google My Business page and you’re onto a winner.