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Does Your Business Need A Rebrand?

Does Your Business Need A Rebrand?

When was the last time you reviewed your visual identity? If it’s been several years since you started out in business if the purpose, direction or goals of your business have changed, of if you started out on a budget and went with DIY design then it might be time to consider a rebrand.

A design rebrand is a great way to breathe new life into your business. Trends in look, colour, images, even font change over time and without a little TLC, it’s easy for a once brilliant brand to become a bit stale.

Why should you consider a rebrand?

To reignite your brand (and business) passion

If you’ve been using the same ho-hum, out-dated branding for several years. it’s easy to start feeling a little down in the dumps… or even a bit embarrassed about the dated look you’re putting out there. A branding refresh is just the thing to reignite your passion and positivity for your business.

To reflect changes in your company

Over time, a business naturally evolves. You might update your services to meet market demand, or update your products to keep up with the latest trends. Perhaps you’ve decided to take your business in a totally new direction or into a new market and need your branding to reflect the new you.

To bring businesses together

If you’re planning to acquire or merge with another business a rebrand might be just the thing to get your relationship started on the right foot. Creating a new brand, along with a consistent set of colours, fonts, images and even language can give your new, bigger business, instant polish.

To attract new customers

If you’re looking to grow your business then you need customers, lots of them. And whilst a dated brand might be holding your business back, a shiny new one could be just the thing to need to add a bit of zing to your next marketing campaign.

To become more competitive

As the digital landscape becomes more and more crowded, standing out amongst your competitors has never been more crucial. Compare your branding to other businesses in your industry, does it stand out? Does it make a BIG impact? If not, a rebrand could help you to step out from the marketing shadows.

Does Your Business Need A Rebrand?

Consider the following ten statements… Are these true for you? If your answers are mostly no, then it may be time to consider a business rebrand

  1. I am proud of my current brand
  2. My current brand reflects the aim of my business perfectly
  3. My current brand appeals to my ideal customers
  4. My brand stands out from the crowd
  5. My brand is stronger than my competitors
  6. My brand is exciting and eye-catching
  7. My current branding is polished and professional
  8. My branding makes me feel positive about my business
  9. I love showing off my brand
  10. My branding is consistent across all my communication channels

Do you need a rebrand? Contact GB Design Studio to see how we can turn your dull and dated brand into a powerful, professional brand.