Eden Juice Bars

Branding identity and responsive mobile site for the very passionate and hard working Eden Juice Bars. 

We were asked to create a unique branding and new website that would promote the healthy products EJB offer.

Following a period of brainstorming and research, we were able to create an identity where we used the letter ‘e’ to mimic the stirring motion of the smoothie ingredients.

We work with them on an on-going basis to ensure the website keeps pace with the company’s direction and goals.


Eden juice Bars


Logo Design

Design for Print

Signage Design

Website Design

Eden Juice Bars Brochure

Responsive mobile website

We created a responsive mobile site that made it easy for customers to find important information regarding a healthier lifestyle and an extensive detailed menu.

Eden Juice Bars Web View
Eden Juice Bars Web Layers


Client story

The team got under the skin of our brand and values very quickly and the quality of work was fantastic, creating a lot of excitement within the company.

Peter Hood

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