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Help Your SEO With Images

Do you know how images can help your SEO on your website? Not only are they known as a positive SEO ranking factor, but they also allow for increased use of your focus keyword/term to increase its density within your content for example. Here is how images can help your SEO score.

Keyword Density in Image Alt Text
For each of your web pages and blog posts, you should have a keyword/term assigned to it to help your SEO score. This helps to inform Google as to what this content is about. So if you run an art supplies website and have a webpage just for watercolour paints, the key term assigned to this website may be ‘buy watercolour paints online’. When it comes to the images on this webpage then, the alt text should include this term ‘buy watercolour paints online’. In tandem with this keyword being used in the webpage copy and URL etc., having it in the alt text of the image will also help your SEO score.

High-Quality Content
Best practice for both webpages and blog pages dictates that having both images and text makes for high quality (and thus high ranking) content. Even on a visual UX level, images are great to break up blocks of text and to visually illustrate what the page is all about. So it really makes sense to have images adorning your pages for these reasons. Having this abundance of high-quality content throughout your website is crucial to help your SEO score and ranking – and images really play a big part in this. As a side note, ensure images are optimised and compressed (where possible) so that they do not slow down your website loading speeds.

Sharing and Commenting Options
Depending on your CMS and particular website settings, your images may be able to be shared and/or commented on. These practices are great for SEO as they demonstrate to Google that your content is of such a high quality and standard that your visitors are happy to take the time to comment on it and share it with their friends and family online. Seeing this, Google has more reason to trust your website and direct more traffic to it in turn. As you know, this is the ideal scenario with all of our SEO efforts – driving more visitors to your website to convert them into customers of your business and brand.

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