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How To Prepare For A Business Rebrand

How To Prepare For A Business Rebrand – Over the past few years, we have worked with many business owners and creatives to overhaul their existing brands and into something new and exciting but more importantly, relevant to the business they want to have.

Before starting any project, there are a few things we as our clients to prepare in advance in the form of client homework. And we know, homework makes it sound incredibly boring! However, preparing for a rebrand in advance can be the difference between a smooth sailing process and a bumpy ride.

But what should you do if you want to rebrand your own business? How do you prepare for such a huge project? Here are our tips for getting ready for a branding overhaul.

Start Early

Why do you need to prepare? You know your brand better than anyone so surely it’s not too hard to pull together some branding information at the last minute? Well, it can be a bit trickier than that. You have decided that something in your business needs to change, so you also have to decide how the rebrand is going to change your business and what you want to achieve. Getting this information together can take much longer than you think. You potentially want to rethink your whole brand ethos and values, so doing this way ahead of time is really important.

Brand Values

Talking of brand values, this is something which is key when rebranding your business. Are your brand values going to change because of the rebrand, or are there certain elements you want to keep? Delve deeply into why you want to change your business and why. Do you want different clients? Are you hoping to raise your prices? Is there another service you would like to offer? Think about the heart of your business and how you want people to see it and write as much as you can down.

Design Inspiration

A huge part of your rebrand is of course the design and having at least a vague direction of where you want to go with your design can be really helpful for your designer to see your vision. Pinterest would be an obvious place to start as you can collate all of your ideas in one place. You can save image which inspire you, colour palettes which speak to your brand, logo ideas you love and even quotes which represent your business. Try to make notes for each pin and be as detailed as possible about why you like or dislike each element.

Content Creation

It is difficult for a designer to get started on a project without any information from you. Getting all the text, images and credentials ready ahead of time means your designer can get going and won’t need to pester you along the way. Doing this before the project can also give you the opportunity to analyse what you have already and whether it works for your business or not. If you don’t have the confidence to create your content yourself, think about collaborating with other creatives such as copywriters or photographers.


If you are unsure you need a rebrand? Contact us here and we will give you free advice and we should be able to find a service that works for you and your budget.