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The importance of on-brand photography

The importance of on-brand photography as a business, you will see the importance of having a great website and a logo as these are the first things that your customers will see and if done correctly, they will remember you. This goes the same for using photographs on materials like your website, brochures, exhibition stands and all other marketing materials you may produce. Using the best available images means that your brand will not only stand out from your competitors but it also means that your marketing materials will look more professional, and definitely be appealing to your customers.

Product photography

If you sell physical products, professional shots will definitely help to increase sales. If done correctly with lighting, your products will look more crisp and clear so your customers can see the product in more detail, rather than taking images with mobiles or smaller compact cameras which can lead to your images losing some detail and definition.

Stock photo libraries

Whilst being a cheaper alternative, your competitors could be using the same images – these images are in the open market and available for everyone to use. We spend time creating your brand identity researching brand ideas and part of that is finding a style of photography that would suit your new brand identity.

Why is using a professional photographer a good investment?

The investment value of using a professional photographer is huge. Once you have had a photographer on a shoot for a couple of days you will have a large library of images to use for everything you need in the future.

Sounds great, but how much?

Not as expensive as you may think! For example, 28 stock images can cost anything from £700 upwards depending on the library they are purchased from. If a photographer was to charge you the same for a day, you would get a lot more than 28 usable photographs from the shoot that are going to be bespoke and personal to your business. Photographers costs can vary, it all depends on what’s being shot, for how long, locations, if any post photograph work is needed to enhance the images. With a good brief, a photographer would be able to provide you with a detailed quote.

If you have an exhibition to plan for, if you’re looking to update your marketing materials, get in touch and we can assist you with anything you may need. Here at GB Design Studio we are highly experienced in all areas of marketing and create great visual identities