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Why Do I Need A Facebook Page For My Business?

What is a business Facebook page?

A business Facebook page is essentially a business version of your personal Facebook Profile.

Think of it, like a mini website for your business that won’t cost anything and can provide free advertising for your new business.

Why do I need a Facebook Page for my business?

We get a lot of people asking why they need a Facebook page for their business. It’s a very common question that we thought we should explain to you in today’s article.

Over 829 million people use Facebook every day (Worldwide) and 35 million just from the U.K. People use the social media platform from all around the world and from all walks of life.

When you start a new business, you want to spread the news about your new business as fast as you can. You want to make as many people as you can aware of the new service or product that you are offering.

A great way to build brand awareness and network your business is to join the Facebook revolution. Most users expect a business to have a Facebook page or some sort of social media presence. Users may look at the Facebook page to see your reviews, or how you chat with your fans on there or look for your existence to help distinguish between your business and others.

Making the Facebook Page look good and work well for your business

Having a business Facebook page makes your brand look professional. You do have to remember to brand your Facebook page correctly though.

You must have an eye-catching and professional logo and use a good looking billboard picture. Your fans want you to look professional and look better than your competition.

That is why it is so important to make a Facebook page for your business. Users and clients will like and share your pages. Out of the 829 million users, even a small fraction of that amount that comes your way is business that would not have been generated without your Facebook page.

Users of Facebook like to share and comment and interact with what they see. The more users share your unique and original content the more hits and like you get to your page, thus more click through to your website.

Social MediaBuilding a social media network is important to any business. It grows awareness, it makes you look professional and helps users engage with you on a level that your website probably doesn’t. Its a great way of showing fans and users your latest offers, gaining new fans and growing your brand just by the click of two buttons..sharing or liking.

Facebook pages are also great for running competitions, showing off any offers or giving your business that public voice. Facebook also gives you statistics to show you how your content is working, how many people you are reaching and the popularity of each post you write. It helps you to determine what works for your business on Facebook and what doesn’t.

Another reason to have a Facebook page is search engines pay attention to whether you are engaging socially. If you want your website to be ranked higher for search terms within your industry, E.G for us the keyword and search term WEB DESIGN, then you need to be engaging and creating that online presence. You will get higher rankings for doing this.

Google loves unique and rich content, and then want to see you engaging users and communicating with them. Having a Facebook page shows you are doing this.

To conclude,  using social media like Facebook is based on common sense. Once you have learned how to run your Facebook page, it becomes fairly intuitive. Be friendly to your likers, be helpful, share information, build a good reputation and create your page with all your business branding. Use the same logo and create a professional billboard cover. This means your current and potential customers will know they can trust you. This is how to use Facebook to benefit your business.

Do you need help setting up or managing your Facebook or social media accounts? Contact us here and we will give you free advice and we should be able to find a service that works for you and your budget.