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Why should I update my website?

There are not many businesses these days that don’t rely heavily on having their own website for their business.

After the initial rush to get online, a lot of people fell into the trap of thinking that was all they had to do.

So why is it so important to keep updating?

The web continues to move at such an extraordinarily fast pace, so there’s no time to sit back and relax when it comes to your online presence.

We try to go through a reasonably major update of our own website at least every year. Even though it is low on our priority list, it has become essential to make sure it doesn’t look out of date. There are certain areas that seem to be continually changing including:

1. The programming technology
2. The most popular social media
3. Adapting to the latest iPad/phone/computer screen
4. What people use websites for
5. Google, and how it ranks you (they put a very high importance on new/fresh content)
6. Fonts/colours/buttons
7. Use of video and sound

Trends and fashions change quite rapidly online, and to make sure you are not still wearing the website equivalent of white socks & sandals, just because it’s more comfortable, you need to compare your website to the others out there and make sure you are not getting left behind.

So if you have even thought that your website might nearly be a bit out of date, it probably already is.

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