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Why social media graphics is so important for your brand

Effective graphic design for social media provides support towards brand recognition and connects your target audience with your business and services. Getting visual on social media can increase brand awareness and the most important, grow your follower’s engagement. Including an image with your post can increase the number of shares, retweets or post likes almost 3 times. That’s why it’s so essential to pick the right picture or artwork for your post content.

Graphic design for social media is not just a nice image with a bit of text on top. Depending on the information you want to post, it is very important to use certain font styles, colour schemes or graphics layout. For example typeface irrelevant to the image main message can make it look confusing, inconsistent or simply ugly.

What is social media graphics?

Let’s start with explaining what really is social media graphics.  Social cover images are the graphics you see at the top of your Facebook, YouTube or Twitter pages. In most cases, it may include new product information, website address, company information or even promotional videos. Designing your cover image according to your brand guidelines or company colours is a great step to create your brand awareness and make it look professional.

Once your business profile looks like a well-established brand it is time to take care of the content you are posting. Post graphics is an image attached to the post. Its main purpose is to attract user attention and read what you actually shared.

How social media graphic design can help grow my brand awareness?

Increases the professionalism of a business’s brand.

If you run your business like a professional, why your brand shouldn’t have a professional appearance in social media? As your business card or letterhead shows your professional approach to the customer, your profile is your virtual business card in the network. A visually strong business showcases the unique personality of your brand and helps to connect with new customers – the better quality it appears, the more attraction it generates.


Support towards brand recognition

Customers judge the visual brand appearance in an instant of encountering it. First, five seconds is enough for the potential follower to decide if your profile or content is interesting to keep following your stories or posts. Visual content such as images, graphics and infographics often receive higher engagement on social media than posts containing text only. If you let your customers remember you, they will come back sooner or later to learn more about your products or services.


Connects the customers with a company and their products

Social media business profile is a free advertising tool – by posting regularly valuable content with engaging graphics attached you can easily maximise the number of shares or likes of your posts what in result may increase your website traffic and sales. If your post image can make the users pause scrolling and pay attention to what you actually posted, you are on your way to gain more followers.

Business social media profiles very often have an underestimated value that can bring a huge profit for the brands they represent. Equipped with creative and engaging graphics they turn into a powerful marketing tool that helps you build your business.

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