You are currently viewing Free SSL for all new hosting customers!

Free SSL for all new hosting customers!

Working together for an internet that is more secure!

GB Design Studio is excited to announce that we have made our hosting options even better for all of our customers!

Not only do we offer Super Fast, UK hosting which is backed up on a daily basis off-site so you always have a backup of your website but we are now pleased to announce we are offering a FREE SSL cert to every new hosting customer!

Why is this important?

Most website visitors input contact details, passwords or payment information into websites on a daily basis. Without SSL encryption ( Secure Sockets Layer), this data is completely vulnerable to potential abuse. GB Design Studio want to do our part to make the internet a more secure place. Which is why we offer FREE SSL to all of our new hosting customers.

SSL is a protocol which creates a secure connection between yourself and the server to send information. It is also google for Search Engine rankings if you have a website that is HTTPS as Google favour those sites in there ranking scores.


SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. This technology creates a secure connection between your site and the browser of the person visiting your site. With SSL on your site, all sensitive data is encrypted before the transfer of data via this connection, meaning that it cannot be viewed or used by others.

SSL ProtectionBuilds Brand Trust

An SSL encrypted website improves your web presence and reinforces your reputation of your business.

SSL ProtectionSecure Data Transfer

You reduce the risk of abuse when you send data securely via your website. This reassures your clients

SSL ProtectionGoogles rewards SSL websites

Rankings can improve by up to 5% by having SSL on your website! Better search engine rankings mean more customers for you!

SSL ProtectionLower bounce rate

Sites with HTTPS generally have a lower bounce rate and visitors stay longer and engage more on your site because it is safe and trustworthy.

So what does this mean for you?

Every new customer which orders a new website from us and hosting will receive FREE SSL for their website and we will build the website as HTTPS not HTTP. This saves you every year as SSL normally costs to renew every year!

Just need hosting? You can still have the offer of FREE SSL with our hosting. This may incur a one-off £30.00 set up fee if we need to edit your website to convert it to HTTPS from HTTP.

Get in touch today and make the first step to make your website more secure!

Current clients: Please contact us if you wish to upgrade your current hosting to our new faster server with SSL!