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How important is good graphic design to your business?

Many boardrooms have traditionally struggled to see the value and ROI of graphic design in their business. The arrival of the visual web changed all that. When the Design Council studied 63 portfolios on the FTSE for a decade, they discovered that companies with a design focus outperformed the FTSE 100 index by an incredible 200%.

News that good graphic design delivers a positive impact on business performance will be of little surprise to those within the industry. Deep down from our browsing habits, we know that we don’t spend much time on reading content on poorly designed websites and in many cases, we have built up a distrust of them too.

Unique by design

Since the dawn of time, every business owner has understood the importance of making a powerful first impression. In our analogue days, this began with local visitors via a business card, flyer, product packaging or a visit to the reception area of a company. The quality of your graphic design will now impact the performance of your website and social media posts in front of a global audience.

When online, we are all bombarded by content that rapidly turns into white noise. Once again, its graphic design that causes us to stop endlessly scrolling down our newsfeeds and timelines. The key to capturing the attention of digital-savvy audiences and influencing their decisions is largely dependent on your brand’s ability to stand out from the crowd.

Designing for trust

Presentation and perception will play a massive role in your customer’s decision-making process. Unique design and unified branding across all channels will also help you build trust with your audience. At a time where everyone struggles to read all of their emails and download PDF files, many are turning to design to create infographics that prove that a digital image can be worth 1,000 words too.

The Nielsen Norman Group famously coined the term, the Aesthetic-Usability effect, to highlight the impact of graphic design on audiences. If your website looks great and delivers a superior digital user experience, it will instantly stand out against the clunky, outdated designs of your competitor.

Apple has built its entire business by delivering products that not only look great but “just work.” A combination of stunning visual design and ease of use will organically create a positive emotional response that helps build valuable relationships with your customers.

The business value of graphic design

Graphic design isn’t just about making things aesthetically pleasing. In a digital-centric market, the ultimate goal is to convert your visitors into customers. Rather than trying to secure quick wins, design helps businesses achieve more significant rewards by playing the long game.

Initially, graphic design can play an essential role in increasing brand perception and awareness. Although visual design famously captures the attention of visitors and creates good first impressions, it will also guide users throughout the sales process and will eventually encourage greater customer loyalty.

Many believe that the answer to almost any problem they encounter can be solved by Googling it. Turning to online research before making any purchasing decisions is presenting a fantastic opportunity to secure your ideal customers. The bad news is that most consumers will decide if a business is authentic, trustworthy and can help them within 50 milliseconds (ms) or, in some cases, only 17ms of arriving on a website.

We are only just beginning to understand how the habits of digital audiences are impacting the world of business. But graphic design is playing a crucial role in increasing visibility and profitability for brands across every industry.

Communications by design

Graphic design is undoubtedly a form of visual communication that helps businesses and brands of all sizes connect with their target audience. But our online interactions are built on dialogue, not a monologue. It’s not all about selling products and services.

Visual design can help you deliver your key message and deliver value to the online community. In a digital world, it is time to think beyond logos and website design. Your company’s entire brand value will begin with a memorable first impression and continue to build trust with your target audience throughout every step of the customer journey.

Whether it’s in print or online, there is an increasing importance being placed on great graphic design. As we prepare for life in a new decade of digital opportunities, every business will continue to repackage their ideas and critical message into a design that will capture the attention of decision-makers in your industry.

And if you get stuck at any part of the process, consider bringing in expert help, give GB Design Studio a call. We’d love to help bring your big ideas to life.