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The risks of not having a responsive mobile website

It’s been two months since ‘mobile-geddon’ when Google adjusted its search results in order to favour mobile-friendly sites. Did you notice a drop in your ranking? And if so, have you done anything about it yet?

With nearly 60% of online traffic coming from mobile, there’s no place to hide. You need a responsive mobile website, fast. Without one you risk:


A SERP ranking penalty

Make no mistake, Google is firmly behind mobile and there’s no sign that this will change in the near future. Responsive design is now a notable ranking factor in the SERP’s, so if your rankings haven’t already dropped, it’s highly likely that they will do pretty soon.


Damage to your reputation

Just a few years ago, businesses needed to make a great first impression in just a handful of customer connection points. Now, if you’re not online and looking professional on all platforms – web, mobile, social media – on multiple devices with different operating systems, you risk looking out of touch and even… gulp, unprofessional.


Customer irritation

Every second counts. A slower page load time almost always results in a high page abandonment rate. Mobile user research from Kissmetrics reveals that:

  • 73% of mobile web users have encountered websites that took too long to load on their phone or tablet;
  • 51% say that websites often that crashed or froze on their mobile;
  • 41% found the formatting of an online website difficult to read on their phone; and
  • 40% of users abandoned a mobile website that took more than three seconds to load.

The stats are clear. Online buyers are a pretty impatient lot and if you don’t deliver what they want, where they want, in an easy to use format and fast, your conversion stats could start to nosedive.


Here at Wani Creative our expert digital design team can whip up a super swanky responsive website that creates the right impression for your customers and clients. And there are plenty of options too, we can:

Adapt your website to be more responsive

We can adapt your website using a themed template that performs brilliantly on both desktop and handheld devices. Created with the specific needs of mobile user in mind, these templates tend to be stable, updated frequently, and attractive to look at.

Create a responsive custom theme for your website

Without a doubt, this provides businesses with the highest level of customisation and quality. If you rely on your website to drive sales and generate revenue then the money spent on creating your own responsive site from scratch is well worth it.

If you’d like our digital designers to work their magic for you, drop them a line at: