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5 Tips For Designing The Perfect Logo

Great logo designs must be:

1. Simplistic and minimal

Designing the logo in a pure and minimal style will ensure that it is easy to recognise and has a high degree of versatility when used on various print and digital media. The best logos feature something distinct and characteristic of the brand without being overdrawn. Logos don’t necessarily need to spell out the service the company provides!

Think Nike’s Swoosh, Apple’s bite, or McDonald’s golden arches!

2. Memorable

Memorability is pretty crucial when it comes to designing logos and brand identities. An effective logo design should leave a lasting impression on people. This is achieved by having a simple, yet, captivating logo.

For example, the Olympics or Domino’s logo.

3. Timeless – not just fashionable!

Tying in with the previous point about memorability, a truly successful logo design should endure decades after initial launch. Ask yourself, will the logo still represent the brand well in 10, 20, or even 50 years?

Imagine Coca-Cola or the National Geographic!

4. Versatile and Scalable

A truly effective logo should be able to work in several applications and styles. It should work as a website favicon, or on a business card, within a video, or even plastered across a billboard. Furthermore, the best logos will work in black and white and will be easily scalable with different options that suit various formats.

Think Levis.

5. Appropriate

The logo design should fit its intended purpose. For example, if you are designing a logo for a children’s clothing brand, it would be suitable and appropriate to use a characterful and ‘young’ font & colour scheme.

What exciting logo design projects have you got on the go? Let me know in the comments.

To sum up…

The points mentioned above are important for creating a logo that not only works for building your brand’s visual identity but also strengthens your business and its rate of growth.

A successful logo has the ability to improve customer retention, indirectly increase your revenue, and encourage people to trust your business and services it offers. 

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