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How To Write Amazing Website Copy

How To Write Amazing Website Copy

Worried that people won’t read your stuff?

It’s easy to spend far too much time worrying that visitors won’t read your website copy that took hours of labour to write. It’s not worth the worry.

This simple guide will help alleviate your blank page syndrome, so you can spend less time writing, and more time converting customers.


How to write amazing website copy: things you should consider.


Stop writing mediocre website copy. Follow these seven short steps and start writing amazing website copy.


1. Keep your customer in mind at all times.

When a visitor lands on your website, make them feel special by talking directly to them. Use words like ‘you’ and ‘your’ to boost their engagement and maintain their interest. Focus the benefits of your products around the visitor, to make them feel like their visit is appreciated. Make them dream about a perfect world where you improve their business, their profits, and their quality of life.


2. Start with why.

This point is inspired by a talk from best-selling author Simon Sinek and is something we think small business owners should often keep in mind. Instead of telling people about what your product is and how it is different from similar products out there, start with why. Think about your core values and the true reasons you do what you do. Not only will this inject more passion into your work as a whole, but it will also influence what goes into your website copy.


3. Who do you help?

Imagine a website selling washing machines for homeowners aged between 25 and 40. Even if someone who doesn’t meet these criteria lands on this website, they would still be attracted by the main service offer: washing machines. Targeting your product to a specific demographic will help them believe your product is perfect for them, and is often more effective than trying to cater to everyone’s needs.


4. What do you do to help?

Tell a visitor how you’re going to make their life easier. Consider the problems your typical customers face (if you don’t know, ask them) and address each problem individually within your website copy. The plan is to strike a chord in your visitor. Hopefully, they will associate with a problem you mention and carry on reading.


5. Talk naturally and emotively.

You don’t have to write droves of sophisticated sentences to catch your visitor’s attention because people respond better to website copy that sounds natural. Passion is best conveyed in speech, so next time you’re struggling for something to write, try talking to a friend or colleague about your business — your spoken words will emphasise your key points, sound more emotive and translate into better website copy.


6. Avoid walls of text.

Nobody is going to scour through a huge paragraph to find the information they need, especially when they’re browsing the web. If a paragraph seems too long, break it up with headings or bullet points, if appropriate. To ease readability, avoid having lines more than 80 characters long (as an example: if you’re on a desktop, you’ll notice that this blog post has blank space on the right, keeping lines short).


7. Get to the point.

Don’t waffle on. You’re not writing an essay. When talking about your services, tell people exactly and concisely what benefits they’re going to receive. They don’t care about the reasons you’re the best or what other people have to say about you. At least, not yet. Hook them in first, then butter them up later.


Your next steps.


Pinpoint your core business values and think about the products you’d like to promote. Talk to someone about them, and maybe record what you say to capture your natural language.

Also, imagine your ideal customer — the one type of person who you’d really like to buy from you — and tailor your writing to that ideal customer.

Then, you’ll be writing amazing website copy in no time.