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7 things that every homepage should have

7 things that every homepage should have. We often check the analytics of our client websites (maybe once or twice a month) to review certain numbers. We like to see how many visitors are coming to their sites daily, weekly and monthly — where they’re coming from (a Google search, social media, etc.) and what content that they like the best. What pages do they land (and stay) on the most frequently? Although visitors are definitely checking out our services (which is great!) and we can easily see which blog posts are the most popular (helpful for repurposing content and developing new e-books, future courses, and free downloads) — our homepage still sees the most traffic. Why is that? It’s (obviously) the very first page that people see when they visit our site for the first time, as is the same for most websites. And, because we have it packed full of goodness (with the help of each item that we are about to outline in this post) — people seem to find it helpful and navigate through it often.

We used to think, “who cares about the home page?” We want prospective clients checking out our services and pricing or better yet, our contact page — so that they’re sure to get ahold of us. And, while those things are important and happen, it’s crucial that the home page is still one of the most attractive and functional aspects of our website. Think of it this way — again, it’s the first impression that you make on visitors. They will decide in a few seconds if they’re going to stay and continue navigating your site, or if they’re going to close out of the window because nothing stood out to them and they’re not interested. And, just because you have separate pages set up for anything and everything (from your services to your products, to your blog to your about page) — you can still give visitors a sneak peek (and quick tease) for what they’re going to find on your site. If done right, the home page brings new people in every single day — excited and anxious to learn more about what you do!

Here is a quick breakdown of the most important elements that your homepage should have, to keep prospective clients on your website longer — and clicking through to your other pages!

1. Logo

Make sure that the face of your brand can be visible right away. Scale it to the right size, either in the top left, center or right hand corners. This way, people know exactly what website that they are on. Plus, it can set the tone and design for the rest of your website, like the integrations of colors, fonts and other assets.

2. Headline/title description

In addition to the logo, let people know what website that they have landed on. Briefly explain who you are, what your business offers and who you serve. Keep it simple, but tug on the heartstrings a bit. You want to identify your potential clients’ pain problems, so that you can help to solve them. After all, that’s what your business is built to do! So, weave in some emotional language.

3. Secondary descriptions

Somewhere under the headline or quick description of your website/brand/business, provide a few, little “buckets” or “boxes” of additional info and details. You can break down your services, products, etc. so people can learn even more about you and what you offer. When they leave your site, they won’t have to question who you are or what you do. You can even add an interactive touch by incorporating these into a drop-down menu. Just make sure that you briefly provide a few more descriptions so that no one is left confused.

4. Balance of strong visuals + text

Try to have an equal balance of photos and copy. Your visuals can also appear in the forms of shapes, patterns, textures, other brand assets/icons or illustrations. Your messaging is equally crucial — again, create an emotional experience for a prospective client as they read through what you can offer them. Remember, value – value – value! Let your brand be strongly expressed through the smart use and “just right” balance of imagery and words.

5. Testimonial

A common question that we get from our branding clients is, should they have a page solely dedicated to client testimonials/praise or should those be scattered throughout the site? We say that it can go both ways! Absolutely, have a testimonial page, because prospective clients will click on it to read good reviews about working with you. However, it creates additional legitimacy if they see nothing but positivity about you, everywhere they look. Include a quote or two on each page. We use just one on our home page and we are mindful and strategic as to where it’s placed. For example, explain your business and the services that you offer to grab someone’s attention and then let them see how amazing you are to work with, when they read a direct quote from a real past client of yours, right below the above text!

6. Call to action

Never, ever forget this! A CTA (or “call to action”) is just that — an element that encourages someone to take action — which can be done in multiple ways. Make it easy for someone to sign up for your newsletter, download a freebie that you’ve created, visit your online shop or set up a call with you. Don’t let someone just visit your site and then never interact with you or hear from you again. You don’t want them to forget you!

7. Easy ways to contact you and find you on social media

Either throughout the page or at the bottom, there should be links for people to experience you away from your website (like on social media, through your Facebook page or Instagram feed) or to contact you (like a CTA, mentioned above.) You don’t want to miss out on a prospective client who is interested in working with you (because of your awesome homepage) because they don’t know how to stay in contact with you. Always leave room for social media icons (or even directly embed your Instagram feed like we do at the bottom of my homepage) or an email icon (or link to your contact page.) Make sure that these icons are visible! You can put them in more than one place.

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